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How to Price Your Las Vegas Home To Sell!

Graced with the pleasure of performing over several thousands of BPO's (broker price opinions) for the banks over the years, I do feel like I have three tiered pricing motivational pricing las vegas sellerunique experience with pricing homes.  Our "Three Tiered Motivational Pricing" is based off of BPO forms and our mad skill of analyzing the recent listing & sales data to price your home right.  

We don't want you to leave money on the table by pricing it too low or we don't want you to end up with holding costs and a stagnating listing by pricing too high! You receive three prices and you choose the price based on how motivated you are to sell your Las Vegas home:

  1. The first tier is a "quick sale" and is based on the low end of what homes are selling for recently (not listed - SOLD!)  We know that is what the market will bear because this is what homes are selling for!  The estimated marketing time for a purchase contract is about 30 days on the market.
  2. The second tier is a regular sale.  Let's say you are a seller who wants to sell but you are in no hurry.  We analyze the data and include listings and look at what is going on in your immediate neighborhood as a whole.  The estimated marketing time for a purchase contract is about 60-120 days on the market.
  3. The third tier is for a long marketing time.  This would be for a seller who really wants a pie in the sky price but must be patient with marketing and realistic that it could possibly sell!  The estimated marketing time for a purchase contract on the third tier is about 180 days.

We understand consumers are very savvy with the advent of the internet and we want to empower our clients by figuring out their own motivation to sell their Las Vegas home and to price it accordingly with that motivation! We add the numbers on a proprietary net sheet that I created specific to selling your home in the Las Vegas market.  We also add all the other costs that are involved in selling your home like owner's title policy, property transfer tax, etc.  If your loan payoff is available to us, we will add it to the net sheet also.  

We don't want to take ANY listings unless you are completely comfortable with the estimated bottom line.  On the same token, we do not take ANY listings if the seller insists on pricing them over what the market will bear.

When we receive offers, we will also tear apart the offers and present it on the our same proprietary net sheet so you can understand the offer broken down in monetary terms.  Our sellers find it helps them leave their emotions out of the home selling equation and they know exactly what they want for a bottom line so they can see it and accept, reject or counter in an appropriate manner. We are always happy to give you consultations on pricing & marketing via email so you can make decisions in the privacy of your own home without pressure

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How to Price Your Las Vegas Home To Sell!
Graced with the pleasure of performing over several thousands of BPO's (broker price opinions) for the banks over the years, I do feel like I have unique experience with pricing homes. Our " Three Tiered Motivational Pricing " is based… more